Friday, February 16, 2007



U see... It hasn't happened that much in my life since May 2006. Too much at the same time.

And it'll be too boring 4 U 2 read about all that stuff. U See.....


I've been uploading some XX events and YY thinking products in mixi, so if You are REALLY concerned about all that, don't think You' ll have any problems with finding by blog there. Don't think there are too much カー茶s in the Japanese entertaiment community vacuum, yet.

Are you guys there? Are you genki???

Well, it's not "Exploring Japan" blog anymore, it hardly ever was though!

I'm fine, and how are you?
And this question is the only thing that made me become Chocobanana again.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Harusai promotion ;)))

Thousands apologizes for not posting since... oh my God, February 18th (not 18th century, Claudia!).
And thank you Cori for reminding me that I still have a blog, he he.
さて、tomorrow and on Friday my dancing circle (this time including me) is performing in front of the life center, and on Sunday the same thing in front of Chiba Parco. I will be happy to see you guyes there!
****** even if you don't find it good at least you'll have fun and throw tomatos !

Performance schedule:
23/5 Tuesday~~~12.00~~~Life Center
26/5 Friday~~~~12.00~~~Life Center
28/5 Sunday~~~11.30~~~~Chiba Parco (free market intersection)

And one more dancing event I'm taking part in!

Date: 9/6 Friday
Place: Club Stage 2 (Chiba)

club info

Event: Romp
(dancing teams from Chiba and several Tokyo universities, Special Guest Dancers, Guest Live, Guest DJ, Special House DJ)
Entrance fee: 3000y
!!! you also can get tickets from me for 1500y till May 30th and + 500y for a drink ticket at the entrance... strange system, but whatever


C U ! 0(^_^)0

DLC desu :)))

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I am not careless and unreliable person as Ookura-sensei said to me after exam!!!

Why was I late so often? 色々ありますよ! Just one of the cases…
Funabashi Tuesday morning. Stupid girl at the platform puts her paper bag between the closing doors of my Chiba行き rapid. The bag is too thin so door sensors can not recognize it, they shut up and the train starts, but the girl keeps holding the handles even when the train pulls out of the station. More surprising, other guys on the platform are trying to help her, so they all are hanging on the paper bag handles. The train stops after moving like 20 meters, paper bag still between closed doors. Nobody knows what to do until one smart guy inside the train stands up, tears off the part of the bag with the contents and gives it to the girl through the window.
After that staff guy walks along the train and checks all doors of all cars and only then the train starts. As rapid is late for Inage 7 minutes I miss the 7.31 local for Nishichiba and have to wait 15 minutes for the next 7.46 one. So I am definitely late. The good thing is I`m not going to have such sort of problem for more than 1 month!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tokyo – Chiba – Tokyo / The 7 fears of the Commuter

1. You wake up at 7.00 instead of 6.45 and miss your morning coffee

2. When getting out the turnstile machine screams *Don`t cheat GO and PAY the full price!* although it usually says just *Thank you!*

3. You are caught by the station guy at Nishichiba with the suspicious 130y ticket from Shinjuku

4. You lose the battle race against other commuters

5. You forget your last-night-written report back in Tokyo when it’s a deadline day for handing it in to the teacher

6. MD-player`s battery runs out of charge

7. Cell phone starts and keeps vibrating in your pocket when you are pressed from all sides and can`t even move your hands inside the overcrowded rapid

* the last one might be pleasant for some people though!

somewhere between Yotsuya and Ochanomizu

Monday, February 06, 2006


TransSiberian Railway

9725 kilometers of Russian Miracle

Friday, January 27, 2006


Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

Hello my friend!


If you can read this it means that you have just got an unlimited and absolutely FREE (!!) access to the wonderland of my thoughts and life experience, as well as my dreams and secret desires!
(especially if you can it read aloud :) )

Anyway if you are reading this page you probably know who I am, where do I live, what do I eat for lunch and what color are my eyes. Otherwise please follow this link:

or this for Russian speakers:
What I actually have at the moment is only lots, lots of photos.. so please accept delays in posting and mistakes in writing since I am not a native speaker (as Cori, Sack, Hatim and Anthony), not so talanted as Lukas and don`t have so many American friends as Richie :)
(sorry for no detailed explanation for you guys!!)

Love and kisses, see u!

Hooray! I`m not a blog virgin any more!!


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