Friday, January 27, 2006


Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

Hello my friend!


If you can read this it means that you have just got an unlimited and absolutely FREE (!!) access to the wonderland of my thoughts and life experience, as well as my dreams and secret desires!
(especially if you can it read aloud :) )

Anyway if you are reading this page you probably know who I am, where do I live, what do I eat for lunch and what color are my eyes. Otherwise please follow this link:

or this for Russian speakers:
What I actually have at the moment is only lots, lots of photos.. so please accept delays in posting and mistakes in writing since I am not a native speaker (as Cori, Sack, Hatim and Anthony), not so talanted as Lukas and don`t have so many American friends as Richie :)
(sorry for no detailed explanation for you guys!!)

Love and kisses, see u!

Hooray! I`m not a blog virgin any more!!


The Lord of the Ring`s Motherland - Shinjuku


Sunday Morning


Coffee as a Magic Medicine


Splitting Headache


Life is a Treasure


Hi. Great (and cold) photos, specially Eye of Sauron :p
I´m a spanish guy and I don´t know anything about you, the only thing is your photo and that your are russian, I love all about Rusia: literature, sculture....
yeah, russian literature is a great thing, learn Russian and read original Dostoevsky!
The Eye is awesome, u can see smth like water or some glue-like liquid moving inside, so it really seems like It watches passing people...
Hi, sexy tomato & a no-more-blog-virgin babe from Russia,

Anyway, Endoru here. Found my way here through Cori and my, my, interesting ! Our famous Russian lady's blogging as well. Very, very unexpected but glad that you are in the circle.

See you around dear.
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