Saturday, February 18, 2006


I am not careless and unreliable person as Ookura-sensei said to me after exam!!!

Why was I late so often? 色々ありますよ! Just one of the cases…
Funabashi Tuesday morning. Stupid girl at the platform puts her paper bag between the closing doors of my Chiba行き rapid. The bag is too thin so door sensors can not recognize it, they shut up and the train starts, but the girl keeps holding the handles even when the train pulls out of the station. More surprising, other guys on the platform are trying to help her, so they all are hanging on the paper bag handles. The train stops after moving like 20 meters, paper bag still between closed doors. Nobody knows what to do until one smart guy inside the train stands up, tears off the part of the bag with the contents and gives it to the girl through the window.
After that staff guy walks along the train and checks all doors of all cars and only then the train starts. As rapid is late for Inage 7 minutes I miss the 7.31 local for Nishichiba and have to wait 15 minutes for the next 7.46 one. So I am definitely late. The good thing is I`m not going to have such sort of problem for more than 1 month!

Congrats on finished the semester - we missed you @ the nomikai, what happened?

Are you going to be back in Inage before March? I leave on the 28th, and while I may not be as blog-worthy as Ookura sensei, but at least I enjoyed the story ;)

btw (by the way) Lukas wanted to post but doesn't have a blogger identity & couldn't, heh heh
What nomikai ? I think I missed that as well. Hmm, well, Katya, what a bad experience you had. Don't worry about it anymore, it's over and I definitely know that our dear Katya is already over it and am somewhere in Tokyo having fun !
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