Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tokyo – Chiba – Tokyo / The 7 fears of the Commuter

1. You wake up at 7.00 instead of 6.45 and miss your morning coffee

2. When getting out the turnstile machine screams *Don`t cheat GO and PAY the full price!* although it usually says just *Thank you!*

3. You are caught by the station guy at Nishichiba with the suspicious 130y ticket from Shinjuku

4. You lose the battle race against other commuters

5. You forget your last-night-written report back in Tokyo when it’s a deadline day for handing it in to the teacher

6. MD-player`s battery runs out of charge

7. Cell phone starts and keeps vibrating in your pocket when you are pressed from all sides and can`t even move your hands inside the overcrowded rapid

* the last one might be pleasant for some people though!

somewhere between Yotsuya and Ochanomizu

The 7 fears. *haha(
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