Sunday, May 21, 2006


Harusai promotion ;)))

Thousands apologizes for not posting since... oh my God, February 18th (not 18th century, Claudia!).
And thank you Cori for reminding me that I still have a blog, he he.
さて、tomorrow and on Friday my dancing circle (this time including me) is performing in front of the life center, and on Sunday the same thing in front of Chiba Parco. I will be happy to see you guyes there!
****** even if you don't find it good at least you'll have fun and throw tomatos !

Performance schedule:
23/5 Tuesday~~~12.00~~~Life Center
26/5 Friday~~~~12.00~~~Life Center
28/5 Sunday~~~11.30~~~~Chiba Parco (free market intersection)

And one more dancing event I'm taking part in!

Date: 9/6 Friday
Place: Club Stage 2 (Chiba)

club info

Event: Romp
(dancing teams from Chiba and several Tokyo universities, Special Guest Dancers, Guest Live, Guest DJ, Special House DJ)
Entrance fee: 3000y
!!! you also can get tickets from me for 1500y till May 30th and + 500y for a drink ticket at the entrance... strange system, but whatever


C U ! 0(^_^)0

DLC desu :)))

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